Vehicle Exhaust Gas Extraction

The best solution for vehicle exhaust gas extraction

Aspiration of polluting gases and fumes produced by the combustion of the engine, for the evacuation by recirculation of exhaust gases.

Future Extraction offers you the equipment you need to extract the exhaust gases from your workshop. We are agile when it comes to adapting the system that best suits your business. We manufacture with high quality materials to create vehicle exhaust extraction systems for fumes produced by engine combustion, such as carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen monoxide and dioxide (NOx), sulphur dioxide and trioxide (SOx) and other particles and substances that can be inhaled.

Vehicle exhaust extraction rail systems

Exhaust fume extraction rail system. With few aspirational elements, it has a very wide coverage radius, which makes it a versatile system at a low cost.  It allows mobile suction thanks to the extruded aluminium channel, the reels and the wheels on the outside to avoid contact with dirt. Read more >>>

Reel for fixed extraction

Fixed high-quality gas extraction system, free of obstacles thanks to its possibility of graduation and collection. Recommended for small workshops with limited space. The reels are manufactured to withstand all types of conditions and remain in perfect condition over time. Read more >>>

We are specialist manufacturers of vehicle exhaust fume extraction systems

Standard extraction kit

Standard exhaust gas aspiration kit, suitable for light and heavy vehicles. Classic system ideal for small workshops. Highest quality for gas extraction. Read more >>>

Underfloor exhaust extraction

Underfloor installation for the total use of space. Limited extraction radius system. It is made of the best materials, cast aluminium and PVC. Read more >>>

Nozzle for the extraction of exhaust gases

We have developed a wide range of exhaust gas manifolds, in order to guarantee adaptation to all exhaust pipes on the market. Nozzles with special hooking system for integrated exhaust pipes, nozzles with clip, nozzles with base and support, etc. Read more >>>

Adaptable extraction systems

Future Extraction vehicle exhaust extraction systems adapt to all types of facilities and working conditions. We are specialists in non-standard installations to offer a customized product to the needs of each client, according to the space and characteristics of their aspiration need.

  • Adaptation of the vehicle exhaust extraction system to the characteristics of the space
  • Customization of the installation with the corporate image
  • Adaptation of the suction system to confined spaces
  • Special suction hoses for high temperatures
  • Maximum representativeness
  • Underground telescopic installation
  • Special extraction for locomotives, trains, heavy machinery, public area, etc.
  • Agility in assemblies

Read more >>>

100% safety and quality

Future Extraction offers gas and fume extraction systems made with the highest quality materials, and designed to offer the best solution.

We have the best equipment to guarantee effective vehicle exhaust fume extraction, which allows you to provide a safe work space and ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Exhaust extraction rail systems

Fixed exhaust hose reel

Standard wall-mounted exhaust extraction kit

Underfloor exhaust extraction system

Exhaust extraction nozzles


We are specialist manufacturers of vehicle exhaust fume extraction systems