Welding Smoke Suction


We put at your fingertips the best mobile and fixed systems for the extraction and suction of welding fumes. We also provide guidance on offering you the solution that best suits each need for each installation and depending on the characteristics of the work area.

Our fume suction systems offer a direct evacuation system, thus maintaining a clean environment in the workplace.

Articulated suction arm

FUTURE’s articulated arm smoke evacuation system provides great benefits. The wide coverage of up to 8 metres guarantees maximum efficiency, reaching the most suitable point of the workstation to offer optimal performance.

Maximum safety and accuracy

The FUTURE articulated arm protects the operator from sparks and inhalation from smoke produced by welding. In turn, it improves accuracy in your work as it allows for greater approach and visibility.

Complete purification system

This system sucks and filters welding smoke through the total purification system in both mobile and fixed suction equipment. FUTURE has different solutions to ensure maximum efficiency in the suction and filtration of fumes.

Air reuse

Once the total purification process is complete, the same air returns completely clean and free of gases and fumes inside the factory or installation, thus obtaining a remarkable savings in heating.

Mobile evacuation system

Mobile suction purification of welding fumes

The high-efficiency FUTURE portable scrubber achieves H-14 level filtration in the mobile evacuation system purification process.

This system, which incorporates an anti-spark mesh, is designed for the suction and filtration of fumes of all types of welding.

This solution is especially suitable for workshops or special installations where it is not possible to carry out an installation of the fixed suction system.

Suction table

The FUTURE suction table is the most versatile and complete system in the range of solutions for the extraction of welding fumes, sanding powder, dust and circular saw shavings, etc. The FUTURE table comes equipped with H-14 level filter maximum filtration efficiency. Its versatility offers 2 size options, 1 or 2 metres long, to be able to better adapt to the space where it will be located, or if it is intended for 1 or 2 jobs. It’s a very flexible solution for the possibility of being able to relocate at any time according to the needs of the customer. Its easy “Plug & Play” installation system only requires a power outlet to be ready for use.

The optimal solution for your work environment