Vehicle exhaust nozzles for exhaust gas extraction

With the aim of offering the best performance in its products, FUTURE invests in R&D&I, developing a wide range of nozzles that adapt to any type of exhaust pipe, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and adaptability in its use.

Exhaust extraction nozzles for integrated exhaust pipes

This vehicle exhaust nozzle has a special coupling system designed for exhaust pipe outlets which are integrated into the vehicle’s bumper . This model is characterized by incorporating two metal rods that are inserted into the exhaust pipe by a side knob, making it fit perfectly and without damaging the exhaust chrome. At the same time it is very easy to install. Clamp and/or conventional exhaust extraction nozzles are not suitable in these cases, as the exhaust pipe does not protrude and fume extraction would be inefficient.

Exhaust extraction nozzles for concealed exhaust pipes

This type of nozzle is characterized by a clamp specially designed for use in exhaust pipes hidden in the bumper. Thanks to its design, it fits safely to the pipe and its plug & play installation is very quick and easy, as you just have to adjust the clip to the exhaust pipe and the system is ready to use.

Vehicle exhaust nozzles for gas and fume emissions testing

Nozzle made of stainless steel. Designed for testing gases or vehicles with special exhaust pipes, power banks, etc. Includes galvanised sheet metal stand and height adjustable stainless steel stand. This is the most versatile nozzle in the wide range of FUTURE vehicle exhaust nozzles.

Versatile vehicle exhaust nozzle for opacity and/or particle filter regeneration tests

Versatile nozzle with stainless steel structure. For opacity test or Box-ITV, it is especially applied in opacity test tests, particle filter regeneration and vehicle power bank tests

The gases emitted during these tests reach high temperatures, and can even reach 800ºC

Do you know wich is the best nozzle for your needs?

The different models of FUTURE vehicle exhaust extraction nozzles have been designed to adapt specifically to the different types of exhaust pipe, ensuring maximum efficiency in the suction and/or extraction of gases and exhaust fumes. FUTURE has a wide range of hoses of different diameters for each of the different types of nozzles.

The high temperature resistance of these can range from 200º to 1000ºC depending on the requirements required by the installation.

We prioritize your needs by adapting to your requirements!


Do you know wich is the best nozzle for your needs?

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