Exhaust gas extraction rail systems

Optimal solution. This system is characterized by having a wide coverage radius. The installation of this system is very versatile, since it adapts perfectly to the site and does not require a high economic investment.

Exhaust extraction sliding rail system

The FUTURE sliding rail/track exhaust extraction system is applicable to both light and heavy vehicles. It is characterized by aerodynamic design and a large suction surface. By incorporating wheels on the outside, it avoids contact with dirt, and they allow this space to circulate freely without obstacles, avoiding turbulence and achieving greater air flow. The rail can be equipped with a hose trolley or mobile hose reels. FUTURE offers customized solutions so that the rail system is the most optimal for the characteristics of the site.

Do you need an exhaust extraction rail system?

Rail structure

The rail structure is made of extruded aluminium, taking care of even the smallest detail. The connection to the vacuum cleaner can be top or side, depending on the needs of each installation. These accessories are made of stainless steel.


Do you need an exhaust extraction rail system?

Exhaust extraction rail systems

Fixed exhaust hose reel

Standard wall-mounted exhaust extraction kit

Underfloor exhaust extraction system

Exhaust extraction nozzles