We study your needs to offer you the best solution.

FUTURE gives you personal guidance. We have the support of a team of professionals with extensive experience in offering solutions in the sector of smoke extraction caused by combustion in motor vehicles and extraction of toxic gases for industry.

Integration in the installation

Space optimization

Tailor-made solutions

We adapt to the needs of the client

Corporate customization

We customize our products for better integration into your environment

Extreme tests

Installation for large diameters and special materials for high temperatures

Reduced space – Wide coverage

Underground telescopic installation. Maximum adaptability

Maximum representativeness

Suction at the customer reception area

Unlimited coverage

Challenges are part of our nature

Complete adaptability

Your goal, our challenge

We have the solution you need for any type of installation.

Exhaust extraction rail systems

Fixed exhaust hose reel

Standard wall-mounted exhaust extraction kit

Underfloor exhaust extraction system

Exhaust extraction nozzles