Vehicle exhaust fumes extraction with fixed exhaust hose reel

Exhaust gas extraction system through fixed hose reels. This system allows a wide range of coverage and the spring recoil exhaust hose reel provides an easy semi-automatic collection system of the suction hose, ensuring a work area that’s always free of obstacles.

System that adapts perfectly to all types of workshops and facilities, regardless of their size. Optionally these exhaust hose reels can be installed in series (several reels with a single suction tube), or with the suction tube directly attached. FUTURE also offers the automatic hose collection system* via a motorised exhaust hose reel and remote control of the exhaust extraction system.

Compatible solution for light, semi-heavy or heavy vehicles.

Fixed exhaust hose reel

This system has a structure made of the highest quality materials. Among its components we highlight the solid chassis and triple-fold sides painted in the oven with anticorrosive finish in polyester resin polymerized at 190ºC. The end of the race bar, the reinforcement brackets and the adapter fromthe vacuum cleaner to the reel are made of stainless steel. System suitable for all types of workshops, being very easy to install and daily use.

Do you want to install a fixed exhaust gas extraction system?

Flexibility in installation

Maximum adaptability of the exhaust hose reels to the characteristics of the installation achieving high efficiency in each workstation. Optionally, the exhaust hose reels can be customized with the customer’s corporate colour*.

Exhaust hose reel for light vehicles

Exhaust hose reel for semi-heavy vehicles

Exhaust hose reel for heavy vehicles

Detail of the fixed exhaust hose reel system


Do you want to install a fixed exhaust gas extraction system?

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