Industrial Aspiration

Aspiration and Extraction for the Industrial Sector

FUTURE has specific equipment and solutions for the suction of gases and fumes in the industrial sector, collaborating in enforcing current regulations in occupational safety.

In most manufacturing and production processes in all industrial sectors, smoke, gas and/or dust are generated that are toxic to the health of workers and must be extracted for the safety of workers.

We currently offer industrial suction equipment and facilities services for the following sectors:



Paper and cardboard

Chemistry / Laboratories

Toxic gases

Harmful gases






Fur Trade

Health and safety at the workplace R.D. 374/2001

Future Extraction’s industrial smoke suction systems ensure compliance with RD 374/2001 which protects workers’ health and safety from risks related to chemical agents at work.

Our teams comply with the regulations for the assessment and prevention of occupational risks related to chemical agents present in the workplace, and the permitted limits of professional exposure for chemical agents in Spain.

The solution for an industrial suction with complete guarantees.